Co Education Speech

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  • Published : November 3, 2010
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Depending on the boy/girl ratio the co-educational institution has several advantages over the non co-educational system. Having classes together is an excellent idea and is successful in most schools. Boys become aware of girls' abilities and vice versa. A spirit of co-operation and competition thrives in the co-educational system. Girls & boys at a self conscious age take extra care of themselves. Growing up together and sharing activities such as dramatics, art and other things like socials, widen the students talents and a healthy atmosphere pervades in all co-educational schools. The spirit of co-operation that grows between boys and girls makes it easier later on to adjust in a mixed society. Many of the Public Schools listed in the book are co-educational and residential schools. Generally living hostels, dining rooms and sports are separate- the boys having their own, and the girls their own- but other activities are common; the Societies are common; the stage & theatre are common; the teachers are the same, the examinations are common to both. Films are chosen and shown to a co-ed. audience; special dinners and socials are together and enjoyed immensely. The morning assembly in all the residential co-educational schools has boys and girls singing and praying together. Often school friendships become lasting friendships and good co-educational schools have their Old Boys/Girls Society. This society organizes annual get together in a chosen city and old school mates gather and meet each other. Every way I look at it, I find the co-educational system the best system.
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