Co-Education Is the Best in the 21st Century

Topics: Gender, Male, Female Pages: 1 (339 words) Published: October 23, 2012
Honorable judges, respectable guests and my fellow friends, Asalamalaikum. Today I have been presented with a very crucial question. The question regarding relevance on coeducation in the 21st century is not only central for our educational system but it is also important for how we define ourselves as a society.

Coeducation is a system that is parallel to how nature has made us. God has created both males and females and brought them in this world together so that they can co-exist. Nature has not separated males and females by continents, countries or areas because both genders deserve to coexist.

Through coeducation, an individual learns greatly from the opposite gender. An individual learns about their habits and their attitudes. However, coeducation also teaches us that males and females are not really different. Both genders are smart, both have the ability to excel academically and both can benefit from each other. In our culture, males and females suffer through multiple frustrations because they are restricted by their families and cultures to interact with the opposite gender. As a result, all our bazaars are filled with men who stare at every girl because they have never talked to one. As a result of gender segregation, males and females don’t consider each other as another human being, they see each other a completely different species! If coeducation becomes a norm then our society will be more open to respecting males and females by understanding their personas.

Michael Messner, a famous American sociologist, wisely states that ‘It might be a long time before we see co-ed anything, but this is a start. What's important is that girls - and especially boys - see women are great competitors.’ Honorable judges, I resonate with Michael Messners believes and I urge you to give fair consideration to a co-educational system, because it is extremely important that both genders benefit from each other academically and intellectually in order to...
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