Co-Ed Schools Are Best

Topics: Education, Gender, Learning Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: July 20, 2012
It is true that with a considerable increase of competiveness among educational atmosphere, many parents curious if they should send their children to co-educational schools or single-sex schools. In this essay, I will examine an argument of benefits and drawbacks by sending co-educational and single-sex school.

On the one hand, there are some advantages from the attending of co-educational schools. Firstly they can acquire such social-skills and which is very valuable and important to learn since males and females are different in way of thinking, expressing their emotion or feeling. It they can learn this essential skill then know how to approach each other less conflicts will be occurred when they work together in future. However even though this advantage form their goals which is studying hard since they may spend more time to be looked good, in order words their appearances.

On the other hand, students in single-sex schools are boast, in general, better grades in many competition and examination. In fact, in my hometown, for instance, high top 5 schools were all single-sex schools and it often becomes issued that co-educational school send letters towards parents to convince the rare benefits of attending their schools in order to prevent these students from moving other schools since original purpose of attending school is learning skills that they need for either enrolling a university of getting a secure job, single-sex schools seems, in a certain point, more beneficial than that of co-educational schools.

To sum up, like every coin has two sides, attending either single sex schools or co-educational school has advantages and downsides. As a result, parents should consider their children’s enthusiasm, goals, and interest in order to provide the best educational ambience.

It is true that with a considerable increase of competiveness among educational atmosphere, many parents ARE curious if they should send their children to co-educational...
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