Co-Branding: Adidas Creates Urban Art Guide for Iphone

Topics: Brand, City, Logo Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: June 21, 2011
Good news for iPhone users and street art fans: in March, Adidas launched its Urban Art Guide for iPhone.

Urban Art Guide is a free downloadable application, which allows iPhone users to access a Google map of Berlin indicating the location of the city’s urban art masterpieces. This application offers several functionalities, such as “Find artwork nearby”, “Tour guide”, or “Gallery”. Urban Art Guide also includes features like rating and comments for users. The guide offers a comprehensive overview of art in Berlin, from the most famous galleries and museums to the most hidden and secret corridors of the city. So far, Urban Art Guide covers only Berlin, but plans are underway to extend this concept to other cities in the world.

Both Adidas, the worldwide famous sport brand, and iPhone, Apple’s latest technological gem, will benefit from this co-branding enterprise. On the one hand, Adidas’ Urban Art Guide is a way for iPhone to expand its target market and convey a different brand image. This will enhance their brand equity by increasing its differentiation, relevance and esteem in customers’ minds. On the other hand, Adidas will benefit from iPhone’s trendy and sophisticated image, and its brand awareness will be enhanced since the Adidas logo will clearly appear on the map.

It looks like Adidas and iPhone, who have little to do with the urban art scene, found an original and creative way to cooperate, providing customers with added value, and strengthening both of their brands.
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