Cns Case Study Analysis

Topics: Market, Marketing, Free market Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: October 26, 2011
1)The primary advantages for entering international markets are the expansion of the brand to satisfy the needs of consumers abroad and profit growth. The disadvantages are the risk factors involved with not being knowledgeable about a specific market, for instance the surprise that CNS encountered with UPC bar codes. 2)a) The advantage with the three stage process is that it pays close attention to the needs and customs associated with the markets that CNS enters and gives the company enough time to conduct market research and make financial projections b) The advantage to having specific criteria to move through the stages is that “at each stage of the market development process, performance must be met for the product to enter the next stage”, thus ensuring that CNS is prepared to enter that specific market. The criteria acts as added insurance that CNS will be able to successfully market its products in that specific market. If the performance is not met at any of the three stages, CNS chooses not to enter the market. 3)In general, I would say that the countries that have the highest priority for CNS are countries with a free market economy, where imports can thrive. While I would stay away from countries with totalitarian or undemocratic regimes, since they tend to have very inconsistent trade laws and low accountability. The highest priority should be given to countries in the European Union, the US, Canada, South Africa, Japan and South Korea 4)I would target the allergy segment of the market, since snoring might be culturally taboo to advertise for in some countries, or maybe if it’s a culture where men are regarded as head of the household, then the fact that snoring bothers their wives might not be viewed as an issue of importance. However, everyone everywhere has allergies that in turn make it difficult for them to get good rest, so I would start by targeting the allergy sufferers segment and then go from there. 5)While I believe that product,...
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