Cna Resident Abuse

Topics: Nursing, Nursing home, Healthcare occupations Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Workplace Assaults on Nursing Assistants in US Nursing Homes: A Multilevel Analysis

The main subject on which the entire article focused on was the factor of injuries and assaults to nursing assistants from the nursing home residents. They took two national surveys from 2004 and studied the results very carefully. They eventually took their results from both of the surveys and combined them together to get a better idea of how many assaults and/or injuries were taken place in the facilities. Granted, some nursing assistants could not recall if they were every assaulted or injured because in the two national surveys, National Nursing Assistant Survey (NNAS) and National Nursing Home Survey (NNHS), it stated to name the incidents from the last twelve months. In that long period of time you really aren’t going to get the best results only because a lot of the time most of the nursing assistants don't remember if the incident happened in the last twelve months or if it was a longer period of time since it happened. The main reason that the authors deiced to do this research was that there were not a lot of research done with this particular subject. So, instead of doing an article about something that a million other people have already done, they choose to pick something that was never fully researched. They intended that the nursing staff reading this would hopefully talk to their management team so they could properly train somebody on how to either handle aggressive residents or make sure that certain people don’t have the deal with the aggressive ones; whether or not the staff actually did this is unknown because the article never stated if they did or not. One of the main points that the authors talked about was that in a matter of years there will be a huge increase in the amount of nursing homes throughout the United States. Why would such a thing happen, might you ask? The baby boomers of course. With the age group getting older and older, the demand for...
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