Cmo#14 Core Competencies Related to Ncm 101 and Ncm 102 Grades

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I. Background of the Study
The newly published Commission of Higher Education (CHED) CMO No. 14 Series of 2009  (April 28, 2009) is concern with Policies And Standards For Bachelor Of Science In Nursing (BSN) Program, it emphasizes the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) curriculum is a competency-based and community-oriented curriculum in the Philippines. The nurse must be competent in the following Key Areas of Responsibility for which a nurse should demonstrate competence in Safe and quality nursing care, Management of resources and environment, Health education, Legal responsibility, Ethico-moral responsibility, Personal and professional development, Quality improvement, Research, Record Management, Communication, Collaboration and teamwork. (Katharina, A. May, 2009) The reasons for incorporating changes into the nursing curriculum are to: [1] improve the level of core competency that is able to apply analytical and critical thinking to the nursing practice and [2] to produce nurses that are highly qualified and globally competent in the health care field (GMANews.Tv, April, 2008) One particular interest of the researchers in the new curriculum is the differences in the Nursing Care Management (NCM) courses between the old and new curriculum. In the old curriculum based on CMO No.30,NCM 101, 102 and 104 is an integration of Medical-Surgical Nursing,Psychiatric Nursing, and Maternal and Child Health Nursing(MCN). Itmeans that in NCM 101, there are three subjects altogether. However, in the new curriculum CMO No.14, Nursing Care Management Courseswere separated according to nursing specialties. For example, NCM 101and 102 deals with only Maternal and Child Health Nursing (Katharina, A., August 2010)

To evaluate the effectiveness of the new curriculum, the researches will study and examine the relationship of the 11 core competencies in the subjects most especially in NCM 101 and 102 taken up by sophomore nursing students. The reason for this is because the first batch under the new curriculum is currently in the second year level. Article V, section 7.2 of CMO No. 14 states that: “ At the end of the second year, the student shall have acquired the holistic understanding of the human person as a bio-psycho-cultural being focusing on the concept of health and illness as it is related to the care of the mother and child in varied settings. The student shall be able to demonstrate the competencies in the following key areas of responsibility such as safe and quality nursing care, communication, collaboration and teamwork, health education, legal responsibility, personal and professional development, quality improvement, research, management of resources and environment, and records management. Specifically, the student shall:

a. describe the health care delivery system and the role of the nurse in it; b. demonstrate ethico-moral, legal responsibilities in the care of individual family and community;
c. demonstrate the beginning skills in the provision of independent and collaborative nursing functions;
d. relate the stages of growth and development in the care of clients; e. demonstrate beginning skills in the preparation of healthy and therapeutic diets in varied client cases.

Using the 11 Core Competency Standards as an evaluation tool, this study will determine if the new curriculum CMO 14, s.2009 is effective in improving the level of competency of The sophomore students in College of Nursing related to their grades in NCM 101 and NCM 102.

Statement of the Problem :
The study intends to assess the competencies of the sophomore students of the university of Santo Tomas in relation to their NCM 101 and 102 grades : This specifically aims to answer the following sub questions: 1. What is the profile of the respondent in terms of :

a. Gender
b. Age

2. What is the self-assessment of the students with regards to their level of competencies: a. Safe and Quality Nursing Care...
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