Cmi Level 5 Unit 04

Topics: Management, Organizational studies and human resource management, Team performance management Pages: 11 (3137 words) Published: June 1, 2013
Leadership and Management Development Programme

Assessment Module 02

Michael Harman
Curriculum Leader
(Engineering and Motor Vehicle YCC)
Performance Management Assignment (Unit 5003)
Michael Harman
Identifying and agreeing Performance Objectives4 - 5
Assessing performance and provide feedback6
Understanding Performance improvement7 - 10
Applying Discipline and Grievance Procedures11 - 12

Unit Aim
The aim of this assignment is to explore the key areas of ‘Performance Management’ in relation to Policies and Procedures followed by the Grimsby Institute. The assignment consists of 4 main objectives which are as follows: 1. How to identify and agree Performance objectives

2. Assess performance and provide feedback
3. Understand performance support for improvement
4. Understand and apply the Organisation’s Disciplinary and Grievance procedures The assignment holds a secondary objective which requires us to apply academic theory to the Institute by giving examples of situations where processes are currently in place, where GIG’s appraisal process aligns with good practice and is efficacious.

Performance Management
Objective 1
Performance Management
‘A process which contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organisational performance’ – Armstrong and Baron(1997) In real context, the term ‘Performance Management’ is used to describe a process that is used by many organisations, not just educational establishments to establish a shared understanding amongst employees relating to the organisational objectives that must be achieved and further to that, it is about aligning these Organisational objectives in accordance with the Strategic Development Plan of the parent Institute namely, the Grimsby Institute. Taking these key factors into consideration, then Performance Management MUST be conducted correctly in order for us to progress from ‘Good to Great’. Performance management systems are set in place to guide the employees to achieve a desired level of performance. It is basically a definition of what the Institute expects from its employee’s over the next appraisal period. Specific objectives (no more than 4)are set for short term (six months), and employee is prepared to achieve the desired outcomes by meeting these short term targets. These targets are defined by the job description along with the desired outcome of the jobs. (Potgieter, 2002).This helps employees to determine the gaps in their performance and thus helps them to improve before the final performance appraisal takes place.

What does Performance Management mean at YCC?
The use of ‘Performance Management at YCC follows the trait of many Educational Establishments, where the main emphasis is based upon student success, by which the use of indicators of performance (exam results) are a way of managing and improving performance. This method is seen as such a widespread process that it would be difficult to imagine change. Staff at YCC are currently going through a transitional change that has seen a great number of changes in staff from ‘Principle’ (Clare Wareing) through the ranks to part time tutors, many who are totally new to the Further Education system like myself. For those new to Performance Management it can be a very daunting affair, especially when the topic is brought up in staff rooms around the college. Performance management in its current form, however, has origins in anxiety about underperformance in the understandings of current long Term YCC staff. (The term’ cake and a kicking’) still to this day is an understanding of ‘Performance Management’, where staff believe that any mention of this phrase automatically proceeds to Disciplinary action against them. Heads of School and Curriculum Leaders have a duty of care to staff to...
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