Cmi Level 5 "Management Communication

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Certificate in First Line Management
Assignment for 3009 “Management Communication”
Richard Small

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Management Communication Unit 3009
1.1 / 1.2 Understanding the importance of Management Communication A definition of communication:-
“Transmission of ideas, feelings, information, instructions from the mind of one person (the sender) to the mind of the another (the receiver), without loss or distortion” Communication is a two way thing; it is about listening as well as talking. Information has to be processed in such a way as to convey the proper meaning of the information from the sender to the receiver, this is called encoding. Communication is the key to good management. The manager in the modern work environment encounters many forms of communication e.g.:- * Formal Meetings/ Informal Meetings/ Briefings

* Email/Phone / Fax
* Presentations
* Notice boards/ News Letters
* Intranet/ Text / Video Conferences
Some of the methods listed above are either Passive or Interactive, for example; emails are passive and briefings would be interactive. The manager’s task is to choose the appropriate method for the right task. Sometimes a phone call is an appropriate form of communication as it is direct and you can add tone to get the message across. In a verbal one to one there are the added benefits of body language to get more feedback from the receiver. Information such as schedules and results can be more appropriately relayed on notice boards or in newsletters. Different tasks in my work place require different approaches- For example if I need to convey instructions to my team at work I would normally convey the information verbally in a briefing and back this up with a written task plan for clarity. Email is a useful tool in our work place as we can add spread sheets and other files as attachments; they also provide a good audit trail. One of the draw backs of Email is that it doesn’t convey the urgency you may require as it may sit in some ones inbox for a long while.

1.3 Principles of Communication
Poor communication can lead to failure which will waste time and resources. Planning will be wasted if it is not communicated properly. The manager must understand the barriers that can stand in the way to communication for example:- * Physical barriers – objects, resources – or lack of them * Psychological -feelings

* Semantic –words
To overcome these barriers there are simple processes the manager can learn to aid in communication for example the KISS principle, Keep It Short and Simple. This can overcome Semantic barriers. The key principles to communication are:-

* to know what you want to say – be clear on the meaning of what you want to say * to know the person or people you want to speak to – what barriers may stand between you and the people you are talking too * clarity- correct facts, clear and precise language

* confirm and reconfirm – paraphrase your understanding of information, make sure the sender and receiver know each other’s understanding. A good tool to use is the seven C’s –
* Conciseness - simple terminology, be precise and to the point and avoid repetition. * Consideration –empathising on you approach, showing interest in the person in a positive way with integrity. * Concreteness - use specific facts and figures and use verbs such as start or activate instead of “do”. * Clarity – Make it simple - use pictures and flow charts and practical demonstration. * Courtesy – be sincere and tactful, chose words that won’t upset people. * Correctness – Accurate facts and figures, the message is correct and cannot be misinterpreted. * Completeness- It should convey all facts required by the audience. The sender of the message must take into consideration the receiver’s mind set and convey the message accordingly. Using these tools the manager is able to communicate more effectively. The 3 key words are Accuracy,...
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