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Assignment One Personal Development as a manager and leaderPart One

1.Brief Introduction (300 words)

I am employed by the a Policy & Planning Manager within the Fitness to Practise Directorate to an Assistant Director. In my annual appraisal last year, my line manager raised concerns regarding my communication skills, specifically around tone and political sensitivity, which were regarded as impacting on my ability to build effective relationships. As a result, I have chosen to use this exercise as an opportunity to develop an up-to-date picture of my relationship building skills within the hierarchical and collaborative working culture of the . To this end, I developed a Personal Effectiveness Questionnaire, which I circulated to a range of senior colleagues with whom I have regular contact in a one-to-one and group context.

To increase the response rate to the questionnaire ( a copy which is included as supporting evidence), and in recognition of the fact my target audience are bombarded with electronic information and are therefore likely to ignore an email, I chose to circulate this confidentially, through the internal mail. Respondents were asked to complete the questionnaire and return to me anonymously. I also invited respondents who felt they had issues that they would like to discuss further, to contact me to arrange a confidential chat, however nobody took up this opportunity, which may be an indicator either of their workload, or my approachability.

I also used a variety of other investigation methods, including Myers Briggs and Belbin’s team role questionnaires, self-assessment, and reflection on a range of management model reading materials supplied by the CMI website, to understand how this might be applied to interpret my own behaviour and management style. I also reflected on my notes from previous appraisal meetings, informal and formal feedback from my manager and Professional Insight coach over the past twelve months.

2.Presentation slides (please see enclosed)

3.Presentation notes (2, 200 words)

3a.Range of skills

(i)Leadership & Management Style (150 words)

To get an overview of my preferred leadership and management style, I considered the results of a Myers Briggs assessment which I completed during a recent Change Management course. The results of this showed my self-assessed type to be INTJ and my reported type to be ESTJ. I thought that it was interesting that the personality traits that were most consistently featured, were Thinking and Judging. I think that this reflects the fact that a strong tendency towards planning and critical thinking underpins my management style.

I also found interesting that when I circulated the personal effectiveness questionnaire, a number of colleagues independently volunteered remarks in the free text comments box at the bottom of the questionnaire, to the effect that I had a reputation for ‘getting things done.’ I feel that this observation, given in a free and unprompted context, is of particular significance as it is therefore likely to reflect their true opinion of me. An ability to ‘see things through to completion’ and to be a driving force within projects, is something which I have also identified through self-assessment, to be a definitive characteristic of my management style.

This focus on the timely completion of projects is in line with Belbin’s team role, Completer/Finisher. I was interested to find that I also identified with the weaknesses of this ‘team role’ as defined in CMI management theory summary, as I have observed that my tendency to worry can be an annoyance to colleagues. I recognize that one of my key development goals should be to be more measured in my approach to escalating and communicating risks or outstanding tasks.

(ii). Team Management (300 words)

Blake & Moulton identified two drivers of managerial behaviour: concern for getting the job...
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