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  • Published: January 16, 2013
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Yale University President’s Public Service Fellowship

Proposal for Fellowship Placement • Summer 2013
Instructions: Please type responses on this document. While we ask you to follow the format of this page, please adjust spacing as necessary. E-mail this document as an attachment to

(Use bold, 14 pt font) • Organization: Connecticut • • • • • • • Full Address: 34 Park Phone: 203-974-7089

Mental Health Center Foundation

Street, Suite 144, New Haven, CT 06519
FAX: 203-974-7719

E-mail & web site:, Agency/Department Director: Kyle

Pedersen, MAR ’02 Pedersen, MAR ’02, Director

Name and Title of the Direct Supervisor: Kyle

Email address of Direct Supervisor: Dates (8-11 weeks between May 27 and August 9, 2013): May

27 – August 9 9am-5pm, weekdays; weekend

hours available but not required

Hours of the program (placements should be equivalent to full-time):

Placement Description
Please type responses onto this document and follow the format below. Please make sure that the question appears before each of your responses.

The CMHC Foundation proposes an expansion of the project it began in 2011 and continued with the support of a YPPSF in the summer of 2012. Since 2010, the CMHC Foundation has been exploring ways to support CMHC clients to reduce stresses related to their financial and economic problems, recognizing that these problems can not only exacerbate but can also be the direct cause of mental health problems. This exploration has included studying the feasibility of linking clients with existing local service providers to help them manage their money more effectively, developing peer group support mechanisms around budgeting and saving, and working with local service providers to improve the types of services that meet the specific financial service needs of low income people with mental *Please refer to the instructions regarding...
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