Cmgt400 Securing and Protecting Information

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Securing and Protecting Information
Devlin Conley
Robert L. Quintin

What is Authentication?
Authentication is the process of determining if someone is who they are claiming to be, in computer networking authentication is a form of access control used to verify a person’s identity. Many people do not realize it but they use authentication every day in the form of user names and passwords and when conducting secure transaction such as online purchases. There are multiple forms of authentication with some being more prevalent then others. Types of Authentication

By the far the most common type of authentication is forum authentication or password protection, by using an assigned or self-declared password it is assumed that the user is the who they are claiming to be (Rouse, 2007). This type of authentication is hindered by the fact that a third party could obtain the password either intentional, by the user giving it to them or unintentional, through hacks, viruses, or scams. Once a third party has obtained the username and password the authentication is no longer valid, because of this more secure types of authentication are often used to protect critical data; or they are used in conjunction with forum authentication to provide both types of secuirty.

A more secure by less common type of authentication is private key encryption. To understand private key encryption one must first understand what encryption is. Encryption is the process of converting data into characters so that it can no longer be read without first decoding, or ciphering the data; to prevent unintended parties from ciphering the data only the specified party is given the key to cipher the encryption. Private key encryption is simply encryption with one key used for both encrypting and ciphering, this is `` referred to as symmetric-key algorithms. This type of encryption can be very secure so long as the key is not compromised by a third party. To prevent the key...
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