Cmgt 430 Week 1 Ind

Topics: Password, Microsoft Access, Computer security Pages: 3 (1171 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Huffman Trucking presents challenges to information security infrastructure. In order to secure their infrastructure a plan must be implemented to ensure the implementation is easy for IT professionals to follow, understand, and manage. The plan must also be very effective in securing all of Huffman's digital assets and protect them against any intrusions. All of these considerations must be considered along with risks when the first major action to protecting the systems is created; the information policy. This policy will guide the company as well as its IT professionals to properly protect themselves and the Huffman Trucking network. The information policy must separate all areas of the company and apply rules to each. There are also blanket guidelines which must be applied company wide. We can do this by separating jobs within Huffman, many of which are already separated, and break down users into groups based upon their roles. Users may be a part of multiple groups so that they can have permission to different areas of the network as required. This minimizes a very serious risk that Huffman could face which would be opened ended access to all areas of the network (Whiteman & Mattord, 2010). For example; HR should not be allowed to view the files that Finance & Accounting can view. There may be some situations where files must be shared, but overall, each department should only be able to manipulate and view their own files. This is not only for security within Huffman, but to protect it from outside attacks and unauthroized access from outside of the network as well. To clarify this concept even further, the risk of data theft is minimized through the use of groups and roles to ensure that no one person has access to everything. If breaches do occur then it is much easier to determine who could be liable for the breach and what account was used to perform this action. The risks of fraud, theft, reputation damage,...
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