Cmgt 410 Week 2

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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The objective of this project is to help train DC Construction staff with their BRIX problems by planning how to operate the new system. The company will provide 20 laptops for this training session. When DC Construction changes their BRIX system, they will also change their financial system. Currently all locations have trouble with the financial and accounting system. The sites do not have a standard system, which may have contributed to the problem. The new STIX system will allow each site to have a high of compatibility through a standardized operating system. The company will implement the new system in six months, and will be operational, company wide, by August 30 next year. A development team will come up with a project plan to update DC Construction’s BRIX system. Management will be notified of any resources they may need to accomplish this task.


The objective is to train the new BRIX financial and accounting system to a group of company employee from around the country. Provide new users with system orientation prior to implementation. The application will be explained to users, conduct hands own training and given an end of course evaluation. User will complete an evaluation upon completion of the train, about the performance of the system. Determine how well the learner must perform the task or behavior to achieve competency. Standards are values such as frequency, accuracy, volume, amount, situation or a combination. Only include time limits if they are required on-the-job (Contributor, 2009).

Different users will be interviewed to pinpoint a particular problem in the system. Once this is complete a possible solution can be developed to resolve the issue. The following techniques are useful to find specific user requirements:

Workshops - Facilitating meetings with management and stakeholders. •Documentation Review – Using company data to find requirements. Data flow diagrams can help illustrate the system’s...
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