Clueless in Relation to Emma

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  • Published : October 14, 2012
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The film Clueless has drawn on the values of Emma by Jane Austen to express ideas such as social status, love and marriage and transformation. These themes will be discussed to express the idea that Clueless has drawn on the value system. The novel and film are different in many ways but the film Clueless draws on the values of Emma to present similarities. Clueless is presented in a different, modern interpretation. The theme social status is used to draw on the values of Emma. In both texts this theme is the main idea and important to both texts. Clueless uses this theme the same way as Austen’s novel, throughout the novel Emma acts above everybody and will not socialise with people below her social rank. This was a common idea of Austen’s time. Clueless draws on this idea and presents it through the character Cher. We can see this when Travis, a lower class “stoner” invites Ty to his party in the valley. Cher quickly brushes it off and tells Ty not to speak to him. This is also seen in Emma when Emma is invited to the Coles part but contemplates going “The Coles were very respectable in their way, but they ought to be taught that it was not for them to arrange the terms on which the superior families would visit them.” In these events it shows how clueless draws on the values of Emma to present the theme of social status and its ideas in a modern interpretation. The second theme is love and marriage; Love and marriage in Austen’s time was an important part of society. If you weren’t married you would not have any other option and would be put to work. In clueless this theme is not as highly valued but is very closely followed. In the novel Emma, Emma states that she does not need a husband as she is so rich while others like Harriet weren’t as lucky “A woman is not to marry a man merely because she is asked, or because he is attached to her, and can write a tolerable letter.” Clueless draws on the value of love and marriage and adapts it into the film as a...
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