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First Impressions

Before I entered the Laguna National Country Club, I had the idea that people who frequent country clubs were rich people. They were people who had lots of money and lots of time to enjoy such facilities. I associated those people with the high society of Singapore and it was a league of citizens that I may never enter. The first thing I think of whenever I think of a country club is golf. I guess that is why I had the general impression that people visit clubs just to play golf. For example, I have a friend who plays golf and comes from a well to do family. Because I come from a humble family, I had never visited a club before. That is why it was a real eye opener for me when I visited the Laguna National.

Before the field trip, i went to their official website to have a look at what the club was like. I thought that they must surely be one of the best clubs in Singapore in terms of facilities and the golf course. Just from the website alone I saw that they had many premier restaurants, variety of sports recreation facilities, a spa and a big golf course.

After visiting Laguna National, my impression of the country club itself and country clubs as a whole did not change. Seeing really is believing. The first thing that I learnt is that it has a world class golf course. It boasts two 18 hole par 72 golf courses. They are named Masters Course and World Classic Course. This golf course has hosted many prestigious golf tournaments. The Asian PGA Tour, The Singapore Open and the Caltex Masters are some examples.

I also learnt that there is accommodation provided. They provide suites for members and the public guests. The prices of the suites are cheaper for the club members. In addition to the suites, I found out on the fieldtrip that there are plans to build a hotel in the coming few years. I feel that this is a good move as it attracts tourists who want to golf at a world class golf course and also have a nearby place to stay.

In conclusion, I feel that Laguna National has really established themselves as a country club with world class facilities. From the golf course to the spas and restaurants, they have really made sure that they provide something for everyone. On top of that, they make sure that they provide first class service and go the extra mile to provide for the member’s needs.

Ownership of the Club

The club is a non-equity club. That means that it is owned by a businessman or company and it is not run by the members of the club. In this case, it is owned by Mr Peter Kwee. From 1993 to 2001, it was run by Laguna National Golf and Country Club Ltd. On 7 August 2001, Mr Peter Kwee bought over the country club. Since then, the club has undergone a $10 million facelift to upgrade the club’s amenities, facilities and the inclusion of the a brand new spa.

Types of Membership

Laguna National offers four types of membership. They are:

Individual Golfing Member
Corporate Golfing Member
Term Golfing Member (Individual)
Social Member

Individual Golfing Member

This membership is for local Singaporeans. This membership not only allows the member to access to the golf course. The member is also entitled to the usage of the other club facilities such as the restaurants, spas and sports facilities. The price range of this membership is $80,000 to $120,000.

Corporate Golfing Member

This membership is for companies. This membership has exactly the same features as the individual golfing membership. The price range of this membership is $90,000 to $120,000. It has a nomination fee of $15,000 per nominee.

Term Golfing Member (Individual)

This membership is for any individual of any nationality for a one year term. The membership fee is $25,000 per year. Members with this membership have access to all the facilities in the club.

Social Membership

Members with this membership have access to all recreational facilities, restaurants and spas. The only facility...
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