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1. Executive Summary
SPALICIOUS is a world class destination spa that aims to provide each guest with exclusive experience. Own branded spa products will be offered, not only for exclusivity purposes, but for the retention of guests as well. Being a slimming spa, it aspires to bring out the guests’ inner confidence through extensive and personalized packages. The packages include treatment sessions, activities and personalized diet. There are various weight loss treatments, which also consist of detoxification, as well as post-natal treatments. In addition, personal nutritionists will be planning the diet for each guest upon registration so that they can enjoy healthy, yet delicious meals in S-lim Restaurant, the spa’s Asian cuisine concept restaurant. The spa services include massages, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, acupuncture and Chi Kung, as well as fitness exercises such as yoga, aerobics and dance. To maximize the guests’ experiences, there are also facilities like the rejuvenation centre, swimming pool, souvenir shop, S-lim restaurant, lounge bar, entertainment and relaxation room, herb garden as well as private transportation. The facilities of Mega Zip Adventure Park are also usable by the guests to enhance their itinerary and packages. SPALICIOUS have a total of 34 guest rooms which are categorised into three main room types, Single Deluxe, Twin Deluxe room and Twin Suite. Each room has its individual spa treatment room to allow Spa Resident to enjoy their treatments in maximum exclusivity. To add on, SPALICIOUS will also have health club that allows its club members to enjoy all the special VIP privileges and facilities at the price of $10,000 annually. To stand out from competitors, the unique selling point of SPALICIOUS is to plan the spa packages according to the Spa Residents’ horoscopes. The standard packages include 7 nights, 10 nights, 14 nights and 21 nights of fixed and complimentary treatment sessions that will be offered according to the guests’ horoscopes as well as preferences. The price of the packages will range from $3,255 to $13,545. À la carte treatments will also be provided for guests who do not wish to take up the package. As SPALICIOUS is an exclusive luxury spa, it caters only to women with a high disposable income of around $10,000 per month. This is because it is recognised that women nowadays have increasing spending power. The targeted age group ranges from 30 to 45 as this is the period where most women realised the need of slimming. The geographic region targeted is Asia Pacific because most people who want to lose weight comes from this region. In terms of marketing, SPALICIOUS will have an official website with necessary information provided and media will be used for promoting the spa as well. Besides, advertising on health and wellness magazines will also help to better reach out to the target market while product samples will be given to the guests in order to gain brand awareness. By developing the plot of land into a world class destination spa, Sentosa Leisure Group (SLG) will be able to transform the place that was previously used by Tourism Academy @ Sentosa (TAS) into a profit generating entity, at the same time, providing the guests with exclusive experiences. This will create mutual benefits between SLG and SPALICIOUS. 2. Operational Plan

3.1. SPALICIOUS Profile
The derivation of the word SPALICIOUS comes from the two words “spa” and “delicious”, with the meaning of enjoying spa and healthy cuisine at the same time. At SPALICIOUS, guests are being addressed as Spa Residents because most of them take up stay over packages which often require them to stay for a minimum of 8 days. Certain spa treatment packages would require the Spa Residents to stay up to 3 weeks, thus making SPALICIOUS their second home. SPALICIOUS aim to bring out the guests’ inner confidence through an extensive and personalized spa treatment package which includes weight loss,...
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