Club Med (B) Case Study

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Answers to Club Med (B) Case Study
1) Are there problems in the recruitment process? Why? What are your recommendations? Club Med, by understanding the case, is considered an high potentially turnover company, since it’s natural characteristics on type of business, and also, type of framework, mainly focused on person specifications, extremely dated on time. Having considered these aspects, it seems obvious to the reader that Club Med is wrongly approaching the recruitment process, as a whole, consequentially affecting the company’s business on GO’s work condition. In order to clearly structure the recruitment problem, we’ve decided to split the global problem in several urgent issues to solve, being them, the selecting process, the explaining work conditions process, non-existence of training module, the overlapping of GO’s recruits, and the specific framework used on recruiting. Selecting Process

As understood, Jacky, in Club Med is receiving around 10.000 CV’s or résumés in response to the ads posted. Very briefly, we have to consider that, due to some conflicts, represented by the quitters or fired GO’s comments, Med Club isn’t always, recruiting the best oriented to that type of work-style people. They advertise it as being an adventure, and not only a work. Indeed, as we will understand by the following aspects, the selection problem is directly related with the approach of the market, and by having the wrong type of exigency when choosing the right GO’s. Explaining Work Conditions

“It is not a work, it is an adventure”. This is the main idea passed to the global interested people in GO’s position at Club Med. In fact, considering some of the comments made by chiefs and quitting GO’s, we can assume that something is wrong explained, because many GO’s aren’t perceiving their work, properly as an adventure, but more as a really tough work, which compensations, for instance, the usage of sports equipment on free time, don’t help at all, since GO’s consider their work as “work-sleep-work-sleep”. Once again, this topic will be related with the framework topic, because what is missing is a detailed explanation about how the work really is, allowing recruits to expect the 100% idea of work, making them ready to the work circumstances. By recruiting with a defined talent, we will be approach the competency framework model. Training Module

The training Module is clearly a main issue, and by recruiting GO’s without any previous training, many conflicts during the work suddenly happen because GO’s have no idea at all of their limitations, attitudes needed, work routines, in resume, information. Information and training are crucial to keep GO’s aware of what’s asked from them, and also to have more productivity on GO’s recruited, because obviously a training module will incurre in some additional costs, however, overlapped costs by saving time, irritation and capital, on avoiding recruiting more and more GO’s. Also, due to the lack of training, chiefs usually fire GO’s immediately when they see some unusual behaviour, and the main problem driving those fires is the lack of training. Overlapping of Recruits

Recruiting 450 to 500 GO’s to cover 300 available spots is a risky situation, anyhow, without major concerns to company. However, by reducing this number a little bit near 300, would allow company to keep up a safety measure, but reducing the waste, on time and on GO’s potentials career, because as understood by one irritated comment from a GO not allocated, after some time, the GO’s are extremely angry and don’t want to be located anymore. Would be helpful, to reduce those concerns. Competency Model Framework

We arrive at the top problem in recruiting. The current model used by Club Med is driven by the specific job they are looking for, or a person specification framework. However, that type of approach is leading Club Med to huge turnovers, once they are recruiting based on time and specifications of work. Assuming...
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