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Club It Part 2

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  • April 2010
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Club IT Part II
University of Phoenix
April 5, 2010
Although Club IT has done an excellent job of beginning their journey in the information systems world, there remains plenty of room for improvement. Implementing a Joint Application Design (JAD) method in advancing their systems development would not only help to create a system that meets the needs of the Club IT staff, but also its clientele. If Club IT intends on gaining a competitive business advantage through active participation in e-commerce, they must take the appropriate steps to invest in their business information system. One of the most obvious problems that Club IT has, is with its internet connection. Currently, Club IT operates using a dial-up connection. (About, 2010) While dial-up connections are a considerably less expensive alternative to high speed connections, they are extremely slow. (Rainer, 2009) While it may appear that Club IT is saving money by not paying for a higher speed connection, it is likely that the savings is not as significant as they may think. Since dial-up connections require the use of a phone line, Club IT is unable to use the phone when the internet is being used. Having an additional phone line installed to alleviate this problem would only incur more cost. In the end, the difference between paying for a high speed internet connection and paying for a dial-up internet connection is minimal. Another problem with using a dial-up connection is latency. (Rainer, 2009) Since most dial-up connections have a high occurrence of latency, they are generally incapable of supporting any potential upgrades that may come after completing a JAD analysis. This latency also limits users ability to participate in functions like video-conferencing or online gaming. (Rainer, 2009) While a high speed internet connection will clearly improve efficiency in all functional areas at Club IT, more so, it will be the foundation from which a new, more efficient, Club IT...

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