Clt and It's Meaning

Topics: Learning, Education, Psychology Pages: 1 (410 words) Published: December 8, 2012
So what is CLT and why is it popular in the language classroom? CLT – is eclectic type of method, including real-world simulations with accent on using innovations in educational process which leads to arising of insight in language acquisition. It’s closer to authentic absorbing the new language. Each new word is put on association to which was given the impulse by emotional teacher’s presentation of this word. Then it’s repeated and input in the emotional part of this lexeme by the pupil. This affective approach accomplishes good results in reinforcement of language and using it in the practice of real life. By the way children way of life learning based on communication and presentation of each model. So the second language will be better learnt on the basic of productive and contextualized communication. This approach facilitates the learning process especially if it will be linked together with constant teacher encouraging of a learner and easily accepting his error and trial experience. The aspect of creativity and innovation linked together with convenin the learning process is also very important. Collaboration in teacher-pupils instruction plays leading role in motivation to learning. And it’s very important in moral-emotional aspect of children growth. They avoid in being in the frames of grammar-rules structure which usually based on self learning process with estimated impact on pupil. It can decrease or increase learner’s motivation that builds dependence on it. CLT creates the dependence on willingness to learn language like learning new things in life. It brings emotional satisfaction when pupil does it in his habitual way as he learns the environmental. So CLT makes pupil to go to school with pleasure. Nowadays when on the foreground appears a person selfishly looking for himself in this world, reaching his goals independently, usually with the spirit of rivalry, it’s very important to create such conditions of education to impart...
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