Topics: Christianity, Family, Marriage Pages: 2 (811 words) Published: March 9, 2013
2) Clovis agrees to accept Christianity and converts only when he is in time of need. He finds himself losing in a battle and prays to the true God out of desperation for the life of himself, his army and his people. “Clovis’ army began to be in danger of destruction…he was driven by necessity to confess what before he had of his free will denied.” (Symes 216) Previously worshipping only idols he now turned in prayer to the true God. He makes a promise to the true God that if God helps him win the battle, he will convert and be baptized. When “Clovis’s army began to be in danger of destruction…he saw it and raised his eyes to heaven and with remorse in his heart he burst into tears and cried: “Jesus Christ, whom Clotilda asserts to be the son of the living God… grant me victory over these enemies..and I will believe in thee and be baptized in thy name. For I have evoked my own gods but they have withdrawn from aiding me and therefore believe they possess no power. I now call upon thee, I desire to believe thee, only let me be rescued from my adversaries” After winning he told his wife “how he had merit to win victory by calling on the name of Christ. And so the King confessed belief in the all-powerful God …and was baptized in the name of the Father.” (Symes 217) The role of Clovis’ wife, Clotilda was to bear a son to King Clovis who would be acceptable to inherit his throne and be a rightful heir to his kingdom. Even though the King had a son already, the son was not acceptable for his kingship because he was illegitimate, from an concubine that he was not married to, and not of noble birth. Therefore, this son would not be able to inherit the throne. The King needed a wife who was smart, pretty and of noble birth to have a son with to inherit the throne and become his heir. “The maiden Clotilda was found…when they saw she was of good bearing and wise…and she was of the family of the

King… The King was very glad and married her.” (Symes 216) The...
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