Clover Valley Yogurt Market Analysis

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Clover Valley Dairy Yogurt
Market Analysis 
Dear Charles Krieger,

I have read your letter taking great time and consideration on your suggestions of how we should conduct a marketing consumer survey. Your ideas are very useful but I think we will make small changes to what you have suggested. Within this letter, I will explain what I think will be the best for Clover Valley Dairy’s new yogurt packaging. I hope that you will agree with me that this is the best way for us to conduct a consumer marketing research survey.

When any company decides to change a product and come up with a new concept whether it be a new flavor, new packaging or size, every product should have a consumer marketing research survey conducted before the new product hits the shelves. In the event that we make a mass amount of the new packaged product and the consumers disagree with it or just do not find it to be convenient, the product will never be successful.

With this said, I feel that we should come up with several different types of packaging of a product instead of one certain packaging sample. This will give the consumer more choices and will tell us more about what the consumer is looking for. The more choices a consumer has to choose from, the more successful a consumer marketing survey will be.

When starting a consumer marketing research survey, the first thing the company needs to come up with is the criteria in which it thinks will make the product more successful. We could make samples of a four pack, six pack and an eight pack of the yogurt in which we would like to market. In the four pack, we could set the criteria up to: Is the packaging easy to handle? Is the four pack more convenient to carry and purchase than purchasing one cup of yogurt at a time? What would make the packaging more convenient for you to handle with ease? Would you be more inclined to purchase a four pack that has multiple flavors in it or have one flavor in it?

The criteria for a six...
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