Clover Valley

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Clover Valley Dairy Company

Market testing is crucial in this situation; we don’t know how the consumer is going to respond to the changes we are bringing. I definitely think that we should test the new multipack carriers to see how our consumers react. The purpose of this test is to determine if its profitable for Clover Valley Dairy Company to start producing the 6oz yogurt cups in a multipack which holds six yogurts together. Having this multipack is great because it makes it much easier for our consumers to carry the product home, convenience is what people like. Testing the new multipacks in stores where other dairies are not competing with us is a good idea to see what kind of financial improvement this new multipack is bringing us. I would also like to see us test the multipacks in stores with competition to see if we have any effect on the market. At the end of the testing we would have to compare our sales from each particular store versus our competition sales in quantity of course. If we can start to tell that consumers are more likely to buy our products we can then put in more effort in advertising the new multipacks. I would adivse that we distribute both the multipacks and singles pack yogurts so we can have a better comparison between the consumers needs, if we only provide the multipack we are limiting the costumers choice and with both of the products available we can tell which one appealed better to them. I do like the idea with someone physically being at the store asking particular question, what I would add to that is some type of incentive. People might feel used if we just ask them questions and say thank you, goodbye. Something in the line of buy two multipacks get one free or a coupon for a certain amount off, reasonable that is. This way our consumers might feel more appreciated and getting a discount for such a simple thing might prompt them to talk about it with their friends, family or even colleagues, so now we are...
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