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  • Published : April 6, 2013
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Cloudstreet change and stability essay
I am reading the newspaper and come across the story of a painting being hung in the oval office in Washington. The iconic painting entitled ‘The problem we all live with’ by Norman Rockwell shows Ruby Bridges, a six-year-old African American girl, being escorted by US Marshals to school during the 1960 integration of the New Orleans school system. Bridges wears a crisp white dress with socks and sneakers — she looks unfazed even as a tomato splatters on the graffiti-pocked wall behind her. The change being shown by this colored girl being integrated into a white society based school is similar to the change that is displayed in the novel Cloudstreet written by Tim Winton. In this essay I will be exploring the inherit tension between stability and change that is revealed through characterization in the novel Cloudstreet. To understand this tension I will be using the following three relationships: Oriel compared to Dolly, women compared to men and the ’black fella’s relationship with the house Cloudstreet. Before I discuss my three main points I would like to evaluate context, reception and values. Cloudstreet was written during the 1980s over a period of about 18 months and published initially by Mcfee Gribble and the penguin publications. The story of the novel spans over 20 years from 1943 to 1963 set in the house of number 1 Cloudstreet, West Leederville, Perth, WA. Cloudstreet is the story of two poverty stricken families who have been brought together in a house in Perth which forms to be their home. Cloudstreet is the winner of the Miles Franklin and NBC awards in Australia and sold more than 60,000 copies in its first year of publication. My personal reception to the novel Cloudstreet is a mixed opinion. I believe the values and messages it portrays are extremely educational although the odd narratorial style and the fact that there is no complete resolution to the story, makes it a frustrating writing. The...
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