Cloud Computing Survay

Topics: Cloud computing, Utility computing, Grid computing Pages: 3 (529 words) Published: March 28, 2013
University of BahrainCollege of Information TechnologyDepartment of Information Systems| | جامعة البحرينكلية تقنية المعلوماتقسم نظم المعلومات|

ITBIS 465--(IT strategy and management)

Currently, we are conducting a research regarding "The Factors Impacting the adoption of cloud computing in the university of Bahrain"
The Goal of this research is to:
* Study the current rate of adoption of cloud computing in the university * Identifying the factors impacting the adoption rate of cloud computing at UOB.
So in order to complete this research, we politely ask you to fill out the following Survey to help us achieve the aim of our research.

Thank you for your cooperation
1- Your Gender Is?
A- Male B- Female

2- Your position in the university?
A- Student B- Faculty Member C- Administrative Staff 3- How old are you ?
A- 18 and under B- 19-25 C- Above 25

4- Years in UOB?
A- 1 year B- 2 years C-3 years D- 4 years E- 5 years and more

5- Your college is:
A- IT B- Science C- Engineering D- Business E- Law F- Education G- Arts H- Applied Studies I- others(specify) _________ 6- How do you store your data/Information at UOB?

A-Flash Memory B- CD C- Cloud Storage ( Dropbox etc,,) D- External Hard disk E- Other (specify ) ___________ 7- How often do you use the computers provided by UOB within the university? A- Very often B- Between time to time C- I don't use them

* Please Answer the following questions with the following answers : Question| Strongly agree| Agree| Neutral|...
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