Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

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  • Published : May 2, 2012
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Cloud computing is able to offer a distinct advantage to companies willing to move into this growing arena. This is not without its drawbacks. Even in the definition of Cloud Computing by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, (NIST) clear advantages exist. The definition includes the following terms: on demand self-service, ubiquitous network access, location independent resource pooling, rapid elasticity and measured service. Cloud Computing: Advantages

On demand self-service is a hugely important aspect of cloud computing. It allows for individuals using the service to be able to use all of the functions immediately. This ties in with the advantages of network access where you can access the functions of the cloud computing system that you are using immediately, from anywhere, on any device. The rapid elasticity is also a major advantage of cloud computing as it can be updated at the core location and then this update transfers down to the individual users, so they do not need to have a significant change on their device. Cloud computing is able to offer many distinct advantages in the business environment. Cloud computing exists in two primary forms. The first of these is using a cloud computing service to perform functions within a business. This can either be done directly by a company, or it can also be done as an outsourcing operation to another firm. The second option is when cloud computing is used as a service that can be provided directly to firms for service or to general consumers for usage in day to day life, business or not. One huge advantage of cloud computing is the ability to reduce the overall IT costs by using cloud computing versus the current systems that use the huge amount of physical servers. Without cloud computing, the amount of physical servers, computer systems, and software systems pose a huge cost to any organization attempting to do business. Without cloud computing, physical software and hardware must be...
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