Cloud Computing in Taiwan

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Cloud Computing in Taiwan
William Cheng-Chung Chu and Chao-Tung Yang, Tunghai University, Taiwan Chih-Wei Lu, Chih-Hung Chang, and Juei-Nan Chen, Hsiuping University of Science and Technology, Taiwan Pao-Ann Hsiung, National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan Hahn-Ming Lee, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Cloud computing is changing the computing environment: scalable, virtualized resources are increasingly provided as services over the Internet. Taiwan is also changing, transforming itself from a hardware manufacturing island into a cloud village offering both services and resources.


loud computing is increasingly popular,1,2 and it is changing the face of computing altogether. In cloud computing, which offers tremendous opportunities even as it poses major challenges, resources that are both dynamically scalable and virtualized are today provided routinely as services over the Internet.3,4 Taiwan is now confronting this shift in computing. For the past two decades, the country has flourished as an information and communications technology (ICT) manufacturing island, with several ICT hardware products having achieved market-leader status worldwide. Taiwan’s goal, however, is to transform itself from an ICT island into a cloud village. In 2009, the government initiated the Cloud Computing Industry Development Program (CCIDP)—which extended the country’s earlier E-Taiwan (electronic), M-Taiwan (mobile), and I-Taiwan (intelligent) projects that addressed different aspects of Taiwan’s communication infrastructure—to promote cloud computing from the standpoints of supply, demand, and management.

Taiwan has integrated multiple resources—representing government, industry, academia, and research—to initiate strong incentive programs for developing cloud computing. Building on a solid foundation in ICT hardware manufacturing, Taiwan has been successfully migrating from the production of component products, such as servers and storage facilities, to the green cloud datacenter total solution, characterized by energy efficiency, and cloud storage.5-7 Due to Taiwan’s relatively weak software industry, in contrast to its hardware industry, Taiwan has made significant use of open source software (OSS) in developing cloud computing systems.

As Figure 1 shows, Taiwan has initiated several projects over the past 10 years to develop its ICT infrastructure and begin the transition to cloud computing. Collectively, the projects have boosted industrial competitiveness, upgraded government performance and efficiency, and generally transformed Taiwan into an electronics leader in Asia, with comprehensive communications consisting of wired, wireless, mobile, and broadband networks. The CCIDP—established in 2009 to promote Taiwan’s development of cloud computing technologies, applications, solutions, and services—has spawned several initiatives for cloud computing. For example, the government cloud (G-cloud) provides efficient government services offering incentive programs for small and medium-sized software enterprises to migrate their ICT platforms to cloud computing, and enhances the IT industry’s competitiveness with high-



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Taiwan cloud village

6 Oct. 2011: CHT launched HiCloud Mall for SaaS 1 Sept. 2011: CHT launched HiCloud CaaS on-demand service July 2011: MOE cloud project for courseware design 3 May 2011: Ill anounced CAFÉ solution 29 Apr. 2011: ITRI introduced Cloud OS 1.0 Apr. 2011: MOEA cloud proposed for enterprise took place Mar. 2011: CHT proposed HiCloud CaaS industryacademia cooperation initiative


3 Sept. 2010: Executive Yuan formed Steering Committee for Development of Cloud Computing Industry 7 July 2010: Taiwan Cloud Computing Nov. 2010: NSC cloud projects special track Consortium established program 29 Apr....
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