Cloud Computing at Mbr – Indian Rural Business Opportunities

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Cloud Computing At MBR – Indian Rural Business Opportunities
Dr. Bruce White Prasad Maganti
Professor of Computer Information SystemsStudent of Computer Information SystemsSchool of Business, Quinnipiac University,School of Business, Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT – 06518Hamden, CT - 06518

India’s 73% of population lives in the rural areas and villages. This rural segment, commonly referred to as the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ showing a huge opportunity for companies. Even for the people, who can afford a computer become a headache to maintain, upgrade and buy licenses for the software on regular basis. Also, they need to carry their computer everywhere they go. If a “personal computer” can be made available on cloud, accessible from any where, that too free or minimal charges (pay-as-you-use) rural people can afford and grow their personnel life. The Cloud Computing can help the rural population in overcoming the huge costs incurred on infrastructure, software etc., hurdles and it can lead to rural area development and an overall economic progress of the nation. Using cloud computing to reduce price will create a world without poverty.

Case Summary
This case presents a cloud computing technology solution that gives promising to MBR Company will get better service for using information technology which will improve business opportunities in rural villages. MBR company using ‘Cloud computing’ solution to overcoming huge cost of IT expenses in rural supermarket expansion hurdle and with minimal set up fees to implement existing technology to move cloud technology. This Cloud IT solution helps to the company centralized inventory management and distributes system to track their inventory reports by store level and with user access to company data any where internet permits. With ERP solution, multilevel of access and enterprise security will benefit to the company more matured and it helps to find investors to expend their business in the near future.

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The space between rural sectors
Rural India has seen impressive growth in the past few years. Substantial improvement in purchasing power, increasing brand consciousness, changing consumption patterns and rapid spread of communication networks in rural areas has presented a growing potential for the corporate sector.

According to a National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) study, the consuming class households in rural areas equals the number in urban. For a number of Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) companies and service industry in the country, more than half their annual sales come from the rural market.

A rising trend has also been observed in terms of rural networking. For instance the rural share was only around 25 per cent of the total market in the 1980s has been growing rapidly and exceeds 50 per cent today.

The gaps to develop rural sector
Rural areas are small pockets which hinder major companies to operate efficiently alone. Providing single services in rural areas cost more for the companies or the consumers. In case of urban areas where more consumers are present the companies can provide cost effective services. There is a need to create a platform to provide services cost effectively at rural areas.

The rising importance of the rural markets reflects not only the saturation in urban markets, but also the huge potential, which rural markets have to offer, both in terms of the emerging middle class and the impressive growth rates of the rural consumer market.

Rural Opportunities
India has more than 0.6 million villages, housing two third of its people, earning one-third of the national income. The steep rise in size of the rural market has been the most important marketing phenomenon of the nineties, providing volume growth to all the leading consumer...
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