Cloud Computing Architecture

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Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal management effort or service provider interaction. Cloud computing incorporates virtualization, on-demand deployment, Internet delivery of services, and open source software. From one perspective, cloud computing is nothing new because it uses approaches, concepts, and best practices that have already been established. From another perspective, everything is new because cloud computing changes how we invent, develop, deploy, scale, update, maintain, and pay for applications and the infrastructure on which they run. ARCHITECTURE OF CLOUD COMPUTING

From a general perspective, when the architecture of the cloud is considered, it can be divided into front end and back end. They are connected with each other via a network and mostly internet is used for fulfilling the requirement. The front side is the interface for the user i.e. the client and the back end is the cloud section for the whole system which acts as the server. Front End

The front end of the cloud computing system comprises the client’s device (or it may be computer network) and some applications are needed for accessing the cloud computing system. Different cloud computing systems have different interfaces for the users. Front end is basically a technical term which refers to the interface though which a user can use some kind of services. Back End

Back end refers to the some physical peripherals. In cloud computing back end is cloud itself which may encompasses of various computer machines, data storage systems, servers. Group of these clouds make a whole cloud computing system. Theoretically, any cloud computing system can include practically any type of computer machine program that can be imagined by a human being such as from video games to data processing, software development to entertainment. Usually, every application would have its individual dedicated server for services. Central Server

A central server is established which is used for administering the whole system. It is also used for monitoring client’s demand as well as traffic to ensure that everything of system runs without any problem. There are some set of rules, generally called as protocols which are followed by this server and it uses a very special type of software known termed as middleware. Middleware allow computers that are connected on network to make communication with each other. LAYERS OF ARCHITECTURE OF CLOUD COMPUTING

In the layers architecture of Cloud computing, cloud service providers into three categories: * Software as a service
* Platform as a service
* Infrastructure as a service
* Software Kernel
* Hardware as a Service

Software as a service-
The cloud application layer is the most visible layer to the end users of cloud. Software as a service features a complete application offered as a service on demand. A single instance of the software runs on the cloud and services multiple end users or client organizations. Software as a Service is a multi-tenant platform. It uses common resources and a single instance of both the object code of an application as well as the underlying database to support multiple customers simultaneously. SaaS is commonly referred to as the Application Service Provider (ASP) model, is heralded by many as the new wave in application software distribution. Examples of the key providers are (SFDC), NetSuite, Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft etc. Benefits for users:-

1) Alleviates the burden of software maintenance and ongoing operation and support costs. 2) Exports the computational...
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