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Cloud Computing and its Impact on Society
Justin Craig
INF 103
Berthenia M. Williams, MBA
May 6, 2013

Cloud Computing and its Impact on Society
One of the hottest technologies around is Cloud Computing. While not many people know may know about it, just about everyone uses it. Its use ranges from personal use to million dollar companies. Cloud Computing is impacting everyone. To understand the impact cloud computing has on society, you will have to know its definition, concept, examples, and advantages and disadvantages.

One standard definition of cloud computing is “the replacement of all personal computers with "dumb" terminals that have no software or complex operating systems on them. Instead, these terminals connect to a World Wide Web in which applications reside alongside your data.” (Bowles, 2010) In not so technical terms, this means that there are a bunch of empty servers that only collect information that is put on the web. These servers hold this information so that users can access it from about anywhere.

Another part of cloud computing is the “cloud”. “Cloud, in broad terms, refers to any infrastructure, platform or software that serves as a resource for cloud computing.”(Iyoob, 2013) The cloud is the center for your information. There are four different types of clouds. The First is the Global Information Cloud, which is essentially the Internet. The second cloud is the External Information Cloud. This is the closed and private data of an organization. The third cloud is the Local Information Cloud. An owner maintains control, and those who have access must have membership privileges. The final cloud is the Personal Information Cloud. This represents all the digital data that you have created yourself. (Bowles, 2010)

Knowing the definition of clouds and cloud computing, let’s talk about the concept. First we will start with the personal use. Say you have a band, and you want to write a song. The only problem with the band is that all 4 of you live in a different county. With the use of a cloud, you can make a song together. Each member can edit or comment on a part. All the information is stored in that cloud so no hassle in emailing it back and forth. Every detail is there and the cloud will back it up. In addition the personal use spans out to social media as well as dating sites.

It is a little different with the company use. Companies can use the cloud to store all there information. Companies that have a huge database could store and archive their work information, along with employee records. They could reduce the use of IT departments and expensive software to save money. The cloud sites are fully equipped with IT professionals and the appropriate software. So company’s like stats like this “As per the survey done by the Aberdeen Group in 2009 September, there is an average reduction in cost of the companies with drop of 18% reduction in IT budget by causing decrease in 16% in data power costs.” (Jose, 2011) The cloud will save money all around.

The cloud is all over the internet. All the different social media sites use the cloud. Common sites like Facebook, twitter, and instagram all have their own clouds. With all the information being upload daily it needs to be stored somewhere. Companies will pay the cloud to handle, and archive its information for them. One big example of a cloud is Apple.

Apple uses all aspect of the cloud. Apple shares a lot of information. Huge programs like Itunes need the help of the cloud. The ability to have the music you buy wherever you go make the cloud worth it. In addition all the Apple devices will link and share everything. The ability to share documents, pictures, and personal calendars on all devices shows the power of the cloud. The final features of automated backups and privacy make it a smart and secure feature.

Another huge user of cloud computing is Netflix. Engates, 2013 states...
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