Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing
Cloud computing is the use of computing hardware and software that is delivered as a service e.g. the internet. Being discussed in this essay will be some dangers of using a third party to store. We will also be stating the assurance and practises cloud computing firms could offer businesses to reduce the risk of third party storing. We will also be discussing the role of the government in helping cloud computing realise its potential. Lastly we will be addressing why the company Microsoft is now lobbying for the government. 1.1 Storing on a personal computer rather than in a cloud.

The reason why we would rather store personal files on our personal computers is because the personal computer has a higher storage, it can hold up to 550GB and more but a cloud will only allow you to store about 5GB,the downloading and uploading speed on a cloud is quite slow compared to that of a normal computer , a PC has much more features compared to a cloud, but the main reason for choosing a personal computer over a cloud is for privacy reasons, when saving on a cloud you can experience hacking issues, identity theft, as well as allowing your personal information to be viewed all over the world. 1.2 Dangers of cloud computing for companies.

Businesses are hesitant to trust third party storage, the reason for this is because of the many dangers of cloud computing. One of the dangers are that businesses might sometimes have problems accessing programs or data. Secondly they might not be able to recover the data which is very dangerous. Two of the major dangers are security and privacy, because he third party Company has access to your data. The company can also not be sure of the security of the data because the third party is capable of using your data as well as passing it on. Businesses can become dependent on the internet because if they store data on the internet and the internet is down their business might be down as well. Data location is another...
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