Cloud Computing

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  • Published: January 19, 2013
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“Cloud computing is known as a double-edged sword from the privacy and security standpoints view”[1]. It is an involving technology with all deep connection not only with the internet technology services, but mostly of with the IT sector as a whole. Now it is the most emergence promise software and hardware and data as a service, which are achieving the total economies of the scale in the IT solutions of deployment and operations .Now mostly all the corporations have been involved in the cloud computing related techniques and many cloud computing platforms have been put forward in use. As mobile are also been used with this cloud technology. This is one of most favourable situation to study and applications of the cloud computing related techniques. Interestingly there are many problems in this technology. “SaaS and IaaS applications are the main discovery of the services and the data in the cloud computing infrastructures, and cross-platform interoperability. Still, there exists an outstanding issue in this platform which is particularly to SLAs, security and privacy, and power efficiency”. There are many other open issues which include bottlenecks and performance unpredictability and some of the software licensing issue. Several companies have been already built internet consumer services which are of social networking web hosting email and the online commerce that uses the cloud computing infrastructure and mainly the cloud computing still unknown as “killer application” will be give the detail of many challenges and also the solutions must develop to make this technology work in practice.

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Table of contents

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Different types of computing

Characteristics of computing

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