Cloud Atlas

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Ramona Munson

Nov 23 2012

Cloud Atlas Analysis

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell seems to be a novel that uses the human mind to entice a reader into pure exhaustion. Very similar to a rubber band being stretched to its extreme in slow motion, then snapping back to its original shape and size. The six stories involved in this book are very similar to that rubber band. The author uses our visions created by the story to entrap us into the very dialogue, only to keep us in suspense by not finishing the story until later in the novel expecting our visions of the previous story to remain within our cerebral vortex to pick up where the story left us in suspense. I find it a fascinating way to tell a story, yet a very disturbing way to keep a reader involved in the storyline. However, using the segues into the next story using characters, genre, logistics, and vocabulary seemed to be enough to keep the reader interested and yearning for the finish. It seemed to me that the author deliberately wanted to frustrate the reader with various distractions and incomplete finishes until you get to the midpoint in the book only to finish each storyline with a fascinating and exciting conclusion.

That being said, I think Frobisher was one of the best examples in this novel. In his stories he is using charm and charisma, finds ways to get what he wants or needs by manipulating others. Although he seems meek in an overview, the sub plot of his demeanor leads one to believe that he is a predator at heart and uses that side of his persona to fulfill his materialistic needs. As such, you can see a caring human side of him come to life periodically during the story, which leads one to wonder if he is mentally disturbed, or just using his talent for ego stimulation. On page [45] he says how he has to “Hunt down Caius people, butter’em up, and invite myself to stay for the summer.” This was after he is about to be beaten for not paying his bill at the hotel....
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