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  • Published: March 30, 2013
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7th NRENs and Grids Workshop Trinity College, Dublin, September 2, 2008

Cloud Computing for on-Demand Resource Provisioning

Distributed Systems Architecture Research Group Universidad Complutense de Madrid


Objectives •  Show the benefits of the separation of resource provisioning from job execution management for HPC, cluster and grid computing •  Introduce OpenNEbula as the Engine for on-demand resource provisioning •  Present Cloud Computing as a paradigm for the ondemand provision of virtualized resources as a service •  Describe Grid as the interoperability technology for the federation of clouds •  Introduce the RESERVOIR project as the infrastructure technology to support the setup and deployment of services and resources on-demand across administrative domains 2/23

Contents 1. Local On-demand Resource Provisioning
1.1. The Engine for the Virtual Infrastructure 1.2. Virtualization of Cluster and HPC Systems 1.3. Benefits 1.4. Related Work

2. Remote On-demand Resource Provisioning
2.1. Access to Cloud Systems 2.2. Federation of Cloud Systems 2.3. The RESERVOIR Project

3. Conclusions


1. Local on-Demand Resource Provisioning
1.1. The Engine for the Virtual Infrastructure

The OpenNEbula Virtual Infrastructure Engine • OpenNEbula creates a distributed virtualization layer • Extend the benefits of VM Monitors from one to multiple resources • Decouple the VM (service) from the physical location • Transform a distributed physical infrastructure into a flexible and elastic virtual infrastructure, which adapts to the changing demands of the VM (service) workloads Any service, not only cluster working nodes


1. Local on-Demand Resource Provisioning
1.2. Virtualization of Cluster and HPC Systems

Separation of Resource Provisioning from Job Management
•  New virtualization layer between the service and the infrastructure layers •  Seamless integration with the existing middleware stacks. •  Completely...
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