Clothing Styles

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  • Published : February 2, 2013
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Clothing styles play an important role in society. A common quote, “You are what you wear,” expresses nearly everything in a minimal statement. Our clothes convey a lot about us. Clothing is a mute but influential communicator; it can say 'I have the same interest', 'I'm important' or 'I'm not important', or even 'I take myself or my job very seriously’. Certainly, clothing is an eminent facade of our contentment in society. Frequently, clothes are the only evident clue to an individual's character. People are constantly judged by their clothing and appearance; therefore, opinions are formed based on style of dress. For instance, a man with dreadlocks and tight jeans is likely to gain attention. This may be positive or negative, depending on ones’ viewpoint; nevertheless, individuals are likely to scrutinize him. However, a man in a plain white t-shirt and straight leg jeans will most likely garner a cursory glance. Although this is all about perception, it ties in with society's view of the importance of style.

In today’s society, the color of clothing is irrelevant to ones’ status or wealth. Although, extravagant fabrics can indicate wealth, like leathers and furs. Elaborate and luxurious clothing usually indicates that the individual is of a higher social status. Some people choose to dress in designer clothing to display a meticulous personal appearance and be noticeable in a positive sense. Others may choose clothing that allows them to blend or hide into a crowd. On the other hand, some people do not give much thought to their clothing, and while this is acceptable, it may not essentially serve the person well. This issue commonly surfaces in matters of professional opportunities and future success. If a person does not dress and carry themselves acceptably, it may display a lack of pride, which could reveal that other things also lack importance to the individual.

Our society commands what we can and cannot do in public; consequently, we can't go...
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