Clothing Line Inspired by Tagore's Charulata

Topics: Rabindranath Tagore, Sari, Tagore family Pages: 13 (2102 words) Published: June 19, 2011
Why i have chosen this theme:

I have chosen this particular theme 'Charulata' of Rabindranath Tagore's female character

because i like the simplicity of this character and also i love the simple style and the

simple looks of 'Charulata'. The way this character dress up, her style, her personality and

most importantly stylization of this character. I am trying to investigate new style line of

clothing and also new fresh look from this character. I have choosen this particular area

of research because of the simplicity of this female character. The character 'Charulata'

influence me a lot to create some new look. I want to create a website finally and want to

do photography of my new clothing colletion with new fresh look.

Research methodology and the reasons :

I have done questionnaire for my research. Because it was very important for my research

work. Without this survey i cannot be able to make any final desicion about my research.

Survey analysis :

I have done questionnaire and i came to know that people of our new generation now-a-

days very much advanced and fashion conscious than before. But they also like our old

traditional dresses. They love 'Jamdani' and 'Banarasi'. So, finally what i got is that, the

'Jamdani' and 'Banarasi' influence too much in the new generation. They will accept the

'Jamdani'and'Banarasi'as their 'Salwar Kamiz'. And they also love to mix and match with

'Jamdani' and 'Banarasi'. And the new generation will accept it. I have done this survey

among 20 people.

My design process :

For my design process i have done so many visual references because my research is

based on these visual references. But i have also done book research. I read Rabindranath

tagore's 'Nastanirh' where i read about 'Charulata' and after finished the story i found

Rabindranath tagore not defined any style of 'Charulata'. But what i found that 'Charulata'

was belong to rich wealthy family from that preiod 1870's Calcutta.So, i have watched

the Satyajit ray film which was made in 1964 based on Rabindranath tagore's 'Nastanirh'-

The lonely wife. In this film i found 'Charulata' worn 'Banarasi' and so many gold

ornaments, bangles, ear rings, frill blouse, blouses are three quater sleeve.I also watched

'Parineeta' directed by Pradeep Sarkar. So in this movie 'Parineeta's lead female character

'Lalita' was dressed to resemble 'Nastanirh/Charulata's 'Charu'. And 'Parineeta' is based on

the novel 'Parineeta' by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhay who was a noted contemporary of

Rabindranath Tagore. 'Parineeta' was the story of Calcutta,1962.In 'Parineeta' character i

found the character 'Lalita' worn kajol, mascara, red dot on her forehead, one sided saree,

ear rings, gold ornaments, three quater blouses with frill and laces. Banarasi saree and

most them are red, green, white and red mix etc. This character also worn Salwar Kamiz.

But so many floral designs i found in her Salwar Kamiz's. During their 'Durga Pooja'

'Jamdani' was also very famous.I also watched drama serial at Star Jalsa called 'Charulata'

which is based on Rabindranath Tagore's 'Nastanirh'. The character is modern version of

'Charulata' of earlier 'Charulata'. Although the charatcer of this 'Charulata' also worn

salwar kamiz and saree.

I observed Sabyasachi Mukharjee the famous Indian Fashion Designer 's work. He was

born in 1974 in Kolkata. So, being a Bangalee his collection of saree's and salwar kamiz

are great. His choosing of fabrics is so colourful. I am too much influenced by his work.

We can find in his work the earlier kolkata. So it influenced me too much to create

'Salwar Kamiz' in a modern and stylish way. His work shows us how we can make our

saree and salwar kamiz more stylish.

Sequece of my design process :

First i have made inspiration board, then mood board, Colour board, collages, design

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