Clothing and Sewing Terms

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You are required to know the definitions of each of the following clothing and sewing terms. During the course of the 3rd Nine weeks, you will be expected to record the definitions of each term in your spiral notebooks. You will be tested over the terms at the end of the Nine weeks. You will be provided class time to work on the terms, as well as expected to work on these during times you are waiting to sew, or have finished an assignment. The terms are to be numbered and kept in alphabetical order. 1. Backstitching - sewing backward and forward on a seam to prevent the stitches from coming apart. 2. Bias - any line diagonal to the lengthwise or crosswise grains. The greatest amount of stretch in fabric is found along the bias. 3. Blend – the process of combining two different fibers to change the characteristic of the fabric. Examples are Cotton and Polyester. 4. Casing - an enclosure of fabric designed to run elastic or a drawstring through at the waistline 5. Crosswise Yarns – The yarns that are woven across the fabric; also known as Weft Yarns. 6. Cutting layout - a drawing on the pattern guide that shows how to fold the fabric and place pattern pieces for cutting. 7. Cutting Line - the line on a pattern piece that indicates where the fabric is to be cut. 8. Emery Bag - a small bag filled with a substance that is attached to some pincushions and is used to sharpen the points of pins and needles. 9. Fabric - a continuous strand of fibers that have been twisted together. Yarn is used to weave fabric. 10.

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Feed Dogs - two small rows of teeth in the sewing machine that move the fabric forward under the presser foot. Fiber - the basic unit of all fabrics.
Grain - the direction yarns run in a piece of fabric. Grainline Arrow - a long, black arrow on pattern pieces that mark the grainline of the pattern. The grainline must be matched with the grain of fabric in order to cut the fabric on the “straight of grain”. 14.

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