Closed for the Seasons

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Closed for the Season
by, Anonymous

Closed For the Season, written by Mary Downing Hahn, is a realistic fiction, and a mysterious adventures book. The story takes place in the present and in a small town called Bealesville. Arthur and Logan are the protagonists because they are the main characters in the story and they're the one who solved the mysterious person who killed Myrtle Donaldson and what happened to the money. Richard Disilvio is the antagonist because Mr. Disilvio (the name people called him) embezzled money from the Magic Forest and other businesses in Bealesville. Silas is also the antagonist because he is the murder of Myrtle Donaldson. The other important character is Violet. She helped Arthur and Logan to solve the letter's meaning. The main conflict in the story is that Arthur and Logan trying to found out who kills Myrtle Donaldson and what happened to the money she handled as head bookkeeper at the Magic Forest.

The first major complication in the story happens when Arthur and Logan went in Wal-Mart to visit Violet. Arthur gave her the Magic Forest's map but she refused. Violet tells them what happened last night. She tells them that last night she was reading the letter that is from Mrs. Donaldson. While she reads the letter Silas barged in, saw her reading it, and snatched the letter away from her. After he snatch it, he promptly leaves. After she told them what happened Arthur and Logan went out of Wal-Mart and they started to ride their bikes to the library, so they can get rid of all the maps before Silas came.

The second major complication in the story happens when Logan met Mr. Disilvio at the party. Mr. Disilvio is a rich man, sponsor of the soccer team, and giver of parties. Mr. Disilvio asked Logan joined the soccer team with Anthony (his son), but Logan refuse. He rather read books than do sport. Suddenly Nina came over. Logan was surprised how she is a traitor because the last couple of day she told Logan's mom...
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