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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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“It is the setting of the film that has the most significant impact on the development of ideas”

The motion picture witness directed by Peter Weir in 1985 is a uniquely classic film which has no Hollywood clichés and the setting of different worlds help the audience develop ideas.

Weir uses the Philadelphia Police Department scene to convey idea of police corruption. Significantly he uses a rare combination of synthesised 1980's soundtrack and a close up of Samuel Lapp. While Samuel Lapp walks about the police station he recognises Mcphee's picture in a glass cabinet Samuel stops and stares at Mcphee who is the murderer. It is at this point that the close-up of Samuel staring in prominent the soundtrack of a high pitched synthesised actually gets louder as they full impact of this scene prevails. Weir uses a close up of Samuel to show his shock and dismay as a facial expression,he also combines this with the high pitch Soundtrack to create suspense. The impact on the audience is realisation that the pivotal scene in the film and that the murderer is in fact a policeman. The use of western setting such as a city police station and the concept of police corruption.

The fast food scene is used to portray the idea of different worlds. Weir uses the sound effect of the kitchen as the connection to the world that we know and a long shot showing John, Racheal and Sam are eating. John, Racheal and Samuel are sitting at the diner and just about to eat lunch the clash at different worlds is present when John starts to frantically eating the hot dog while Racheal and Samuel go in there habit of praying before eating the sound effects of the cars outside and the sound effects of the kitchen. Weir uses the long shot to show the difference between Book's world and Lapp's world. The use of the scenery, the soundtrack and the long shot of the table shows the concept of different world and different experiences

The barn raising scene has been one of the most famous...
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