Close Reading: Trickle Drops Walt Whitman

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  • Published : December 7, 2012
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Trickle Drops

Trickle drops! my blue veins leaving!
O drops of me! trickle, slow drops,
Candid from me falling, drip, bleeding drops,
From wounds made to free you whence you were prison'd,
From my face, from my forehead and lips,
From my breast, from within where I was conceal'd, press forth red drops, confession drops,
Stain every page, stain every song I sing, every word I say, bloody drops, Let them know your scarlet heat, let them glisten,
Saturate them with yourself all ashamed and wet,
Glow upon all I have written or shall write, bleeding drops, Let it all be seen in your light, blushing drops.

-Walt Whitman

Angela Drews
Professor Pat Baehler
English 3005W

Close Reading: Trickle Drops

Whitman starts of his poem with “Trickle drops! my blue veins leaving! (1) At first he makes the poems seem as if it is about something like rain with these two simple words of “trickle drops”(1), but than he adds “my blue veins leaving!”(1) When he adds those next four words the poem takes on a whole new meaning. Now the poem becomes about something leaving him. It isn’t until the sixth line when Whitman lets you know what the poems meaning is. He writes “from my breast, from within where I was conceal’d, press forth red drops, confession drops” (6). This is when the reader is able to understand what the poem is about. This poem is about the act of confessing and the emotions that come with it rather than confessing something in particular.

The poem starts of in first person with Whitman using me and I when he is expressing the feeling of confessing, than he moves to using your and you. This is when the reader is able to see he is talking about confessing but not about exposing a certain something. He uses me and I when he is describing his own feelings about confessing. Whitman goes on to use you and your as if he is talking to the confessions rather than himself. Whitman writes “ O drops of me! Trickle...
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