Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Independence Day.

Topics: Close encounter, Extraterrestrial life, Film Pages: 3 (1006 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Close encounters of the Third Kind and Independence Day.

Hollywood is well known for its film industry. For many decades, producers and film directors had been racing with each other to make the film that will attract many audiences. They had tried many genres of films in hope to be the best in the most demanding industry. One genre that always intrigue people is the science fiction, especially involving the alien and extraterrestrial life. Close Encounters of the Third Kind (CE3) and Independence Day (ID) were both made reflecting the new idea of life off of the earth. Even though both films contain the same idea of the existence of life in outer space, they have large differences on themes, films’ style and the aliens’ appearances.

The first most noticeable similarity was that in both movies, there was some form of government cover-up. In CE3, when the government pinpointed the location of the aliens in Idaho, they had to scare away the citizens in the area. In that plot, the government had let out some news that a train carrying canisters of anthrax crashed, releasing nerve gas on the countryside. This had forced almost all the residents away, except a few people that made cross-country treks to the location. These driven individuals couldn't stop thinking about the area since they had their encounters with the alien. The government tried to discourage them by using the same sleeping gas on them that they had used on the cattle in the area to simulate the spread of Anthrax. In ID, there was another cover-up, but of a different form. This time, the general populace wasn't the only victim of a black project. In this one, even the president didn't know of the existence of the 40-year old alien ship in Area 51 . The government in some secret science department had been researching the alien since the 50’s and only when the alien attacked earth, they were being revealed to the public.

Another similarity was the order of...
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