Close Analysis Essay

Topics: Perception, Christopher, Humans Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: December 20, 2012
A.P EnglishClose In-Class Analysis Essay

An author by the name Christopher Morley writes to us an essay called, “On Laziness”. Within his essay he uses the styles of allusion and diction to engage his readers and achieve his purpose. Morley speaks on how people should be lazier; it gets you more in life. The more lazy you are the less people are going to ask from you he says.

Morley uses a lot of dictions throughout his essay to achieve his purpose on laziness. “It is our observation that every time we get into trouble it is due to not having been lazy enough, “(Morley pg.1). That is saying that if you were being “lazy” then you wouldn’t have did what you did to get into trouble. Throughout this Essay Morley uses a lot of “we” and “our” which shows diction, to engage his readers more and makes them feel as if he actually knew them and understood. An example would be “We have always secretly envied our lazy friends” (Morley pg.3). Also an example of diction is “It is the man who has hammered his laziness out of the stubborn material of life for whom we chant and praise and allelulia” (Morley pg.1). This quote say that a lazier person doesn’t have to work hard and barely do anything and they get praised , as to a person who works there butt off to get less praised than the lazy person. This last example, “It is the bustling man who always gets put on committees, who asked to solve problems of other people and neglect his own” ( Morley pg.1). That quote would have the reader engaged and they would think, Yeah! That’s Right!

Morley also used examples of Illusion throughout his essay when referring to the people, an unknown name and Doctor Johnson making a perception that is used when in reality it’s different that it was perceived as. The first example, of the unknown man’s name always had people come up to him for food, money, and advice. One day this man completely caught another wind and shut down and became “lazy” in the sense of not...
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