Clorox Green Works

Topics: Endorsement, Cleaning products, United States Environmental Protection Agency Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: April 11, 2012
1. To persuade its customers to buy Green Works products, Clorox is striving to change the perception of the ideal cleaning product by showing that a good cleaning product does not need harmful chemicals to be effective. Clorox states that Green Works products are all natural, yet effective as any other non-natural product. Clorox is changing the consumers’ belief that all natural cleaning products are bad by emphasizing that its natural product line is effective and safe.

2. The Clorox Green Works product line appeals to the “New Green Mainstream” segment. These people are concerned about the environment, but alter their actions and purchases only when it is convenient. The people who buy Clorox’s Green Works products are concerned about the environment, but they are also concerned about the price and how convenient it is to purchase. Clorox appeals to these people by advertising its Green Works line as a natural product that really works. Clorox also provides these products at a price competitive to those of other brands who provide “Green” products. Lastly, to cater to this segment’s preference for convenience, Clorox distributes its Green Works line through mass merchandisers rather than specialty stores so consumers can buy the product without having to go out of their way.

4. Clorox should consider engaging the negative bloggers directly. By doing this they could gain a lot of knowledge about what they can do to address the bloggers concerns as well as how they can better their brand image. Through developing these personal relationships, the bloggers are lesser likely to continue posting and blogging damaging things about the partnership. The bloggers will feel as though their personal concerns are being taken into consideration and also Clorox can allow these bloggers to be a part of the solution in making sure that Clorox is not jeopardizing the core values of an organization like Sierra Club; core values that all of the members hold in...
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