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1. Compare and contrast the following methods of Cloning:
Embryo Twinning and Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer

Between the similarities of Embryo Twinning Vs. Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer we can find that an exact genetical copy of the organism is made and that a substitute mother will be used.

In the other hand, we

2. How does Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (SCNT) differ from the natural way of making an embryo? A complete set of chromosomes comes from one source (the somatic cell nucleus) as op- posed to two different sources (egg and sperm).

3. Briefly explain the medical reasons for cloning.
The medical reasons existed to promote cloning are to simply provide cure or noticeable improvements in serious illnesses a person may have that without cloning would not have a chance of cure. Between theses sickness we can find diabetes, cancer, arthritis, organ problems and even spinal problems. The intention new and healthy cells and organisms than can replace and/or repair the areas affected in the body because of the disease.

4. List reasons, other than medical, for cloning.
Some of the reasons other than medical for cloning are the following:

1. Reproduce a human being with the closest or exact characteristic of another human. This could be tight to emotions in the sense of trying to find ways to substitute and be in touch again with a person we loved and is not here anymore. 2. Reproduce animals in order to sustain shortages of food in the world 3. To create ways to avoid extinction of wild life in the world and to be able to maintain or recreate them in the future

5. What was the first organism to be cloned? How was it done? In what year did this take place? The first organism to be cloned was a sea urchin, in 1885. The procedure was to shake a two-celled embryo...
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