Cloning Research Paper

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  • Published : October 10, 2012
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As the first mammal ever to be cloned, Dolly the sheep came to life in the 1990’s. Dolly lived for a good six and a half years and died of a progressive lung disease. Dolly was the only success in 276 tries and Dolly was not exactly identical to her donor mother. Dolly was created by a research team managed by Ian Wilmut and Prof. Keith Campbell. Dolly was the longest living mammal clone to ever live on the earth. Cloning is a really controversial subject and today’s society doesn’t need to clone. Scientists have been cloning animals for years. In 1952, the first animal, a tadpole, was cloned. This was the start of the dilemma that is still with us today. Hundreds of clones exist today and scientists are going to clone many more (Cloning). The first idea of cloning was from a Nobel Prize winning biologist. His name was Hans Speman. In the 1930’s, he suggested a way that an animal could get cloned. This was his idea: A sperm cell and an egg cell combine together to form a zygote. The zygote begins dividing, forming an embryo. At this early stage of development the embryo’s cells are still unspecialized, and each has the ability to develop an organism. Cell specialization begins when a cavity is formed and this cavity will eventually develop into the embryo’s gut. An embryo’s gut is the formation of the internal organs. As the embryo continues to develop, its cells become increasingly specialized and begin to form the organism’s various parts, such as its skin and spinal cord. Then it grows inside of the mother a real life baby (Nardo). This process is a lot like having a normal animal baby. Cloning animals can bring up a lot of controversial ideas. There is the food factor. If the people of the world don’t eat the entire number of cloned animal that are cloned, the animal population will rapidly grow. The more animals there are the more babies they will have, and soon they will overpopulate the world. Another factor is animal testing. When an animal...
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