Cloning Miranda

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Cloning Miranda


The author of this book is Carol Matas. She has written over 40 books for adults and children. Her books are either historical fiction, contemporary, fantasy or science fiction. Carol Matas writes books to entertain and to challenge her readers. Challenge them by posting ethical and moral problems in her books. She wants to make them think for themselves. This book confirms those motives clearly.


The Story plays in California. It’s more in the modern time. Actually you don't learn much about the surroundings, but more about the problems and conflicts between the characters. There are cars, telephones and special medical researches and clinic, so it's the same like our time. I think the reason Carol Matas decided to set the play in California is because of the former many cloning researches in California, so I think she tries to make it real and authentic.

Point of View

The Narrator is Miranda, the Protagonist in the first person. That means she only tells us what she sees, thinks and feels. This kind of narrating gives us a closer insight of the issue and makes it more interesting to read. Characters

The most important Characters are Miranda, Emma, Miranda's Parents and Dr.Cullen.

Protagonist Miranda
Reasonable (P.7 – 21) Goody-Good
Ambitious (P.8 – 11 or 13)
Good Ballet Dancer (P.10 – 28) = Plays the Queen
Rich (P.13 – 26)

Miranda is a perfect girl. She is intelligent, healthy, sporty, cheerful and beautiful. She was in good terms with her parents, until a sudden rare sickness appears in Miranda’s life which abruptly changes the whole atmosphere. She undergoes a change during the story. First she was a reasonable, honest and goody-good person to everyone, especially to her parents. She was a virtuous and pure person. That's because she only experienced the good side of life. And after the sickness appeared other problems and conflicts follows after another. Then Step by step she changes to a mature character. She gets angry, suspicious, sour and hateful towards her parents and the world.

Minor Character Emma

Rebel Girl
Best Friend of Miranda

She is an important Character, a minor character. She is more the critical and rebel girl towards the adults and she questions all the weird things throughout the story, making Miranda finds out the truth of the mystery, by encouraging her to snoop around and to think twice instead of believing everything what the adults tells her.


Parent Miranda's Parent is literally the antagonist in the story. Her Parents goal is to cure and to help Miranda, because they love her so much. However they solve the problem in a questionable solution. A quick explanation: Their biological daughter Jessica died from a brain tumour and so they decided to create a Clone from Jessica who is Miranda. Because they were afraid that they may lose Miranda from an accident or sickness they decided to create another clone of Miranda, so it’s cloning a clone, for organ transplantation. It’s insurance.

The secondary Character

The secondary character in the story is Dr.Cullen. He is the mad scientist who created Miranda and Miranda's Clone.


Already after a short introduction of the characters a crises appears followed by foreshadowing’s. From the introduction until the Climax and that is Chapter 1 to Chapter 10 there are foreshadowing’s. Some of them are objects and some of them are what was said by the characters.

These underlined titles are the leitmotifs of the story. They are leitmotifs because they change the story, but they are all connected to each other. First the sickness appears and through the three chapters it was all about her sickness and her parents starts to behave in a weird way, causing Miranda and the reader to sense that something is wrong.

Then the weird Picture appears. In those 4 Chapters it is all about the Picture, thinking, guessing and confronting what it...
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