Clockwork Orange Analysis

Topics: A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess, Nadsat Pages: 2 (769 words) Published: January 29, 2011
A Clockwork Orange, by Anthony Burgess, is a satirical novel, in which the society is heavily criticized and is revolved in many controversial issues, regarding to human nature, morality and human freedom. Alex, the protagonist of the novel, shows the darkest side of mankind and society. Due to Alex’s obscene behaviors and crimes that he has committed, the state attempts to cure him with the controversial Ludovico’s Technique, by forcefully “injecting” him with goodness and depriving him from human freedom at the same time. The novel debates on whether morality should be imposed by force or free will, and whether order in society or freedom of choice helps to build a stronger character. A Clockwork Orange explores the human nature, morality and human freedom with the frightening story of a fifteen year old sadist.

In the novel, Alex’s human nature, or rather, his own character is forcefully altered by the Ludovico’s Technique, a new technology that is invented by the state. In hopes to decrease crime rates and put order in society, the authorities of the state find it appropriate to simply change one’s character by medication, rather than reforming the mentality of the individual. In a way, authorities are trying to play the role of God, who created human and human nature in the first place, by changing the human nature of certain unfavorable individuals, and recreating the new characters for such individuals. Although being evil is deemed as a bad characteristic, it is his evilness that makes Alex more human. Instead of being perfect and controlled, under the influence of medication, Alex is himself and his evilness is a composite of his character. Human nature cannot be altered by force, but only by own will and faith, or else the meaning of being human is lost.

The authority and one’s faith can serve to change a person into a better person; however, the latter proves to be more effective as it truly changes one’s morality. After receiving treatment...
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