Clive Robertson vs. Hal Niedzviecki

Topics: Art, Conceptual art, Contemporary art Pages: 3 (879 words) Published: May 12, 2013
Clive Robertson vs. Hal Niedzviecki
There are contrasts between Clive Robertson and Hal Niedzviecki. One is talking about how Artist-Run Centre can run better and it should be continue with younger artist in this century and one is talking about the Art Bureaucracy is ruining artists’ creativity and decisions. The following essay will be deep discuss each writer’s point of view and the ambitions of art. In Clive Robertson’s essay, “Policy Matters: Administrations of Art and Culture, through InFest: International Artist Run Culture, it was held in Vancouver in 2004. He discussed the Canadian artists where they held artist space, artist-run centre or artist’ events during the past and present. Clive said, “The manifestations of the artist-run culture movement in Canada has been widespread and enduring for many reasons aside from its existence within a particular conjuncture of nation-building through state funding.” (Clive 3) Artist-Run Culture was very active during the sixties and seventies, that’s why Clive said the art culture movement has been widespread. Clive also discussed what claims to be contemporary art in the essay. Talking about artist-run culture, many people must be confused what that is. For myself, I didn’t know the differences between public gallery, commercial gallery or what artist-run centre is if I see a gallery on the street because the gallery is usually just showing the works. After a deep thought, I realized there are differences between different galleries. Public gallery is like AGO, though you need to pay the admission fee to go in, it’s a museum for you to browse the arts. Museum usually is just for browsing, not purchasing. For commercial gallery, is a private owned gallery where the artists can sell their own works. I didn’t know much of Artist-run centre until I know there’s Nuit Blanche. Nuit Blanche is a big artist-run centre in Toronto and I think it’s very successful. As Clive said in the text, “The first thing is that...
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