Topics: Health care, Universal health care, Healthcare reform Pages: 4 (1646 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Analyzing Clintoncare
Todrian Rush
Dr. Emmanuel Okafor

Politics, Policy, and Ethics
August 11, 2012

In week 3’s assignment we talked about two different policies that spanned over two administrations; I selected Obama’s health care reform and Clinton’s healthcare reform. During that paper we took a brief look into what each policy had to offer and also what good and bad it could have done for our nation. But today were going to take a deeper look into just one of those policies. Clintoncare is one I’ve chosen purely off of it mass potential. In this week assignment we are going to strenuously analyze Clintoncare, going over who the official and unofficial actor where , and also the interest groups involved as well as the role they played in trying to make this policy a successful one. Before we get into who played what roles I am going to give and overall synopsis on the purpose and context of the problem with this reform. The purpose of Clintoncare is obvious the American people needed a healthcare reform that would keep up with other democracies and satisfy the needs of the people. Before this reform the healthcare in America was at disarray, ruled by capitalism and becoming close to a monopoly in terms of being unchallenged. I do believe that President Clinton cared about of health system but I also know it was mainly apart of a political agenda. The overall goal of the reform was to come up with a comprehensive plan to provide universal health care for all Americans, even the homeless. The best thing about this plan was also the worst thing, the mandate. The main feature was to enforce a mandate for employers to provide health insurance coverage to all their employees. This was great for the employees because it would ensure their health care problems would be taken care of properly. The people who wasn’t to fund of this was the health care industry and conservatives stating that it was unfair to do so and also to costly. During...
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