Clinton High School

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In 1999, U.S news and world report listed Dewitt Clinton high school as one of the 96 out standing schools in the country , but today the board of education has given the school an F deeming it a failing school. They are many points that can be proven to indicate that the school is an outstanding school. They are the alumni, the numerous programs that allow students to be successful, help from teachers and counselors. Statistics show that the school has been improving.

According to Dewitt Clinton high school, Clinton is split into several small learning communities. They include the Macy program, health professions, Veterinary professions, public service, business enterprise, future educators, academy house, and varsity house. The Macy program began in 1895, with the founding from the Macy foundation. The Macy programs are for students that are intelligent, hardworking children’s and show effort into school work. Staff will prepare the students for exceptionally selective colleges. This program offers specialized and advanced technology courses. Many Macy students are invited to masters, a month long summer program that offers many hands on colleges courses that emphasizes math, English, science, and social studies.

Dewitt Clinton high school has more courses offering than most New York City high school. Like for examples Mathematics,, Clinton offers integrated algebra, algebra 2, geometry, and trigonometry, and college algebra, pre-calculus. And after these regents you are given a regents diploma which is shown on your transcript and used for colleges. Science offers biology, biology research, chemistry, physics, earth science, and forensics. History offers world history, United States history, government, historical history, New York history, and economics. Foreign language offers Spanish, Spanish heritage, French, Latin. English offers in addition to English 1-8, TDF play writing, writing, journalism, film and the WITT seminar on activism. Physical...
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